In terms of planning, the first step is to determine the specific parameters for the course you want by answering the following key questions:

1. Which of our standard classroom-only courses will best meet your training needs?  If you want field sessions, please be aware that you must provide suitable field sites and the equipment required to conduct the field sessions; if you need a customized course, please e-mail or call us to discuss the subject area(s) you want to cover and the level of detail you would like.

2.  How many people do you need to train?  Our pricing is based on a minimum group size of 15 people - we can accommodate fewer people, but it will not result in a lower price.  We can accommodate larger groups and charge for additional people on a per-person basis.  

3. Where and when would you like to hold the course?  You can e-mail or call us with your preferred dates to check our availability to travel to your preferred location.

In terms of pricing, after you have established your parameters, you can use this table to determine what your course will cost:


Either of the Following 4-Day Courses:

Price for up to 15 People*

        $28,425.00  **

Price Per Additional Person


The Environmental Sampling Course



 The Complete Ground-Water Monitoring Course                   


Any of the Following 2-Day Courses:


       $22,425.00 **  



The Complete Ground-Water Sampling Course



The Complete Soil Sampling Course



The Ground-Water Monitoring Well Design, Construction & Development Course


The Complete Surface-Water & Sediment Sampling Course                 


* Pricing is for our standard classroom-only courses in the continental US only. Contact us for pricing for courses in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and other International locations, or if you would like a course customized for your group.  Additional costs will apply in these cases.

** Prices do not include instructor travel expenses, which are quoted on a course- and location-specific basis.  Contact us with your course location so we can prepare an accurate quote.

Pricing includes the following:

1.  All labor required for the following: course contracting, planning and administration; preparation and assembly of course presentations, course notebooks and other handouts, and course completion certificates; and classroom instruction for the course.

2.  All expenses for the following: course notebook production for all staff (black and white printing and binders); shipping course notebook materials to the course location; course completion certificates for all staff; and miscellaneous expenses.

NOT included in our pricing are the following:  Travel expenses to and from the course location from Las Cruces, NM for 2 instructors including: airfare or mileage, hotel, tolls, rental car and gas (if flying), parking, and NEFS per diem for meals; provision of a suitable classroom and required audio-visual equipment; any desired catering for the course (coffee/tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, etc.); and costs for certification of course attendees under the International Certification Program for Environmental Samplers and Specialists. 

If you want to include field sessions for your course, the following costs are not included in our pricing: labor for field instruction; provision of required field sites, field equipment and expendable field supplies for the course you select; transportation for students between the classroom and field site(s); arranging and paying for any permits and utility location that may be required for us to conduct the field sessions; and disposal or redisposition of IDW (e.g. drill cuttings, purge water, expendable field supplies).  Costs for contracting a local drilling/direct-push rig (if required for the course you select) are also not included.

If you cannot provide something on this list, we can usually arrange it at an additional cost.  Please e-mail or call us for details.