For our classroom sessions, we maintain an extensive library of professionally prepared and frequently updated PowerPoint presentations, and we provide detailed course handouts keyed to our clean, colorful audiovisuals. Our clients use our training manuals as long-term references, because they include print copies of all presentations, supported by exhaustive and up-to-date reference lists on each topic. You have the option of reproducing these manuals in-house or you can have us take care of it.

Our training manuals can be supplemented by copies of pertinent publications available from The Nielsen Environmental Field School including:

"The Practical Handbook of Environmental Site Characterization and Ground-Water Monitoring." (CRC Press, 2006)

"The Essential Handbook of Ground-Water Sampling." (CRC Press, 2007); and

"Technical Guidance on Low-Flow Purging and Minimum-Purge Sampling." (NEFS, 2002).

We can also include copies of the ASTM Standards that we helped produce and other Standards relevant to the subject matter of your course.