Our Group Discount Program applies to private companies, government agencies or other organizations that consist of 5 or more people who wish to participate in E-School training programs.  The group discount is 20% off the list price for individual E-Modules or E-Courses.  Terms and conditions apply.

Groups may sign up for either individual 40- to 90-minute E-Modules or E-Courses.  To sign up, you must complete our pdfGroup Discount Program Enrollment Form and return it to us via e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To initiate your participation in the Group Discount Program, you must sign up at least 5 staff and pre-pay (at the discounted rate) for at least one E-Module or one E-Course for each of those identified staff.  Each staff member will be assigned a unique code to use when they register for an E-Module or an E-Course.  You may then sign up additional staff, and pre-pay for at least one E-Module or E-Course for each staff member using an assigned code to receive the discounted rate at check out.  After individuals have taken the pre-paid E-Module or E-Course, they may sign up for additional E-Modules or E-Courses using their unique code at check out to earn the discount.  Codes are registrant-specific and cannot be shared or transferred.