The Nielsen Environmental E-School offers curriculum comprised of individual 40- to 90-minute E-Modules, each consisting of materials recorded from “live” classroom sessions of Nielsen Environmental Field School courses.  So, all modules have exactly the same state-of-the-art technical content as our “live” courses.   We also produced an extensive collection of detailed field videos to supplement classroom material and to replace “live” field sessions (these are included in many E-Modules to provide instruction on how field equipment and methodologies should be used properly), so our E-Courses and E-Modules actually have enhanced technical content compared to our field courses.

E-Courses are comprised of packages of E-Modules that are the on-line equivalent of “live” Nielsen Environmental Field School field courses.  E-Courses typically consist of packages of 13 to 14 E-Modules (equivalent to a 2-day course); 15 to 17 E-Modules (equivalent to a 2.5-day course); or 29 to 32 E-Modules (equivalent to a 5-day course).  Currently available E-Modules and E-Courses are listed in the E-School Course Catalog.  E-Modules and E-Courses are updated as necessary to include the most up-to-date technology, practices and field methods possible.

For those seeking to earn Professional Certification under the International Certification Program for Environmental Samplers and Specialists (ICPESS), taking the full E-Course that is relevant to the desired certification is required, as is passing requisite examinations on course material.  More information about earning Certification is available here.

For those already certified who are seeking to earn CEUs to apply toward their continuing education requirements, you may take individual E-Modules (which are typically 1.0 to 1.5 CEUs each) or E-Courses (which typically range from 15 to 36 CEUs each). You need to earn 8 CEUs per year to maintain your certification.  If you take one of our E-Courses and earn more than 8 hours of CEUs, you can carry over the excess hours to apply to the next year's renewal.  You can use your certification number to apply your certification discount to any E-Module or E-Course (this discount is not transferrable and cannot be combined with any other discount).

For those who are not part of the International Certification Program for Environmental Samplers and Specialists, and who are seeking to earn CEUs or CECs to apply to another program (for example, the MA LSP, CT LEP, WV LRS, OKCC RC or OH VAP CP programs), you must check with that program to determine how they calculate CEUs or CECs.