Description and Benefits of the Program

The Nielsen Environmental Field School developed this Professional Certification program in direct response to demand from all sectors of the environmental field, including environmental consultants, contractors and laboratories; state, regional and local environmental regulatory and non-regulatory agencies; and industry (petrochemical, utility, mining, waste disposal, manufacturing and others).  The goal of this program is to ensure that environmental samples and data are generated by properly trained, skilled and experienced environmental professionals.  This program provides a means to recognize individuals that possess the education, experience and expertise required to produce defensible environmental samples and data through a formal certification process.

Certification is offered in 5 different categories:

  • Certified Environmental Sampler (Covering Soil, Ground Water, Surface Water, Sediment and Waste Sampling)
  • Certified Ground-Water Sampler
  • Certified Soil Sampler
  • Certified Ground-Water Monitoring Specialist
  • Certified Monitoring Well Installation Specialist

Qualified applicants may achieve certification in one or more categories based on education, experience, expertise, completing the requisite E-Courses, and passing the practical exams corresponding to these E-Courses.

Receive the recognition you deserve for your expertise by earning one or more of the credentials offered by this program  -- credentials that indicate your mastery of specialized knowledge and experience in the environmental field.  Professional Certification in one or more of the categories above is awarded to qualified environmental professionals as a means of recognizing their education, proficiency in the field and desire to be one of the very best at what they do in the environmental arena.

Certification benefits individuals and their employers and indicates to employers, clients, colleagues and others that an individual is knowledgeable, experienced, and possesses special and up-to-date expertise recognized by the environmental industry.  Employers and clients can be confident that an individual certified in a particular discipline has acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their duties competently.  Certified individuals may find employment opportunities easier to obtain and may increase their earnings.

The Nielsen Environmental Field School, the International leader in practical hands-on environmental field training, administers this program.  The intent of this program is to provide environmental professionals who possess special qualifications of education, practical field experience and accomplishment with the opportunity to have these qualifications recognized by employers, clients, colleagues and the public.  Only those individuals who qualify for and are awarded one or more of the above certifications may use the designation Certified Environmental SamplerĀ (CES) (or other expertise-specific designation) after their names.


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