Angelina County Solid Waste Mgmt
Bannock County Solid Waste Dept
Browning Ferris Industries
Buncombe County Solid Waste
City of Casper Solid Waste Division
City of Corpus Christi Solid Waste Mgmt
City of El Paso Environmental Services
City of Lubbock Solid Waste Mgmt
City of San Diego Landfill Systems
City of San Jose Environmental Services     
Dalton Whitfield Reg SWM Authority
Envirocare of Utah Inc
Gulf County Solid Waste Department             
Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Hernando County Waste Mgmt Divison
Howard County Bureau of Waste Mgmt
Kern County Waste Mgmt Dept
Laidlaw Waste Systems
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
Miami-Dade Dept of Solid Waste Mgmt

Metro Landfill
Monroe County Solid Waste Mgmt. District
Orange County Integrated Waste Mgmt Dept
Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority
Pinellas County Utilities
Polk County Utilities Administration
Riverside County Waste Mgmt Dept
Rogue Waste Systems Inc
Rumpke Engineering
Sacramento County Dept of Waste Mgmt
Salinas Valley Solid Waste Disposal
Sanifill Northwest
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Sarasota County Solid Waste Dept
Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio
Tulare Co Resource Mgmt Agency -Solid Waste
USA Waste Services
Ventura Regional Sanitation District
Waste Management Inc
Waste Management of PA