Before you consider applying for Professional Certification, please be certain you meet the educational and/or experience requirements outlined on the program requirements page.

After you confirm that you meet the educational and/or experience requirements, to apply for Professional Certification you must FIRST complete the Nielsen Environmental E-School E-Course (with the option of earning Certification) that corresponds to the certificate for which you are applying, and pass the on-line exams that are electronically administered by our Learning Management System (LMS) during the E-Course (see the Certification Exams page).   

AFTER you have completed the E-Course and passed the on-line Certification exams (with scores on all exams better than 70%, as reported to you and to us by our LMS), you will receive an E-Course Completion Certificate.  The next step is to complete the Certification Application Form and submit this form along with the following documentation required for the Certification for which you are applying:

1a)  A notarized copy of your undergraduate or graduate university or college diploma in an environmental field (or an official copy of your transcripts); OR

1b) A notarized copy of your undergraduate, graduate or associate university or college diploma in a non-environmental field (or an official copy of your transcripts from each educational institution you attended), or a notarized copy of your high school diploma AND a notarized statement from your current (or a past) employer (or employers) documenting 4 or more years of relevant experience in one or more job positions in an environmental field and describing that experience in detail; and

2) A copy of the Course Completion Certificate from the E-Course that corresponds to the desired certification.

The deadline for submitting your completed application is 60 days after you and we are notified by the LMS that you achieved a passing grade on all exams.  To complete the application process, you must submit a check or credit card payment for the non-refundable application fee ($85.00 US) and the initial Certificate fee ($65.00 US).  These fees are not included in your E-Course registration fee.  An annual renewal fee of $85.00 (US) will be due on January 15 of each year following your initial certification date.  The application must be submitted via regular mail or courier (e.g. Federal Express or UPS) so we have original signatures and notary stamps on file.  E-mailed applications will not be processed - no exceptions. 

Every year following your initial certification, along with your annual renewal fee you must provide documentation of your having completed 8 hours of relevant continuing education. 



Send us an e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  if you have any questions about how to earn your Professional Certification today!